About California Cryo & Body Contour

California Cryo & Body Contour is a non-invasive aesthetic beauty service lounge in Paso Robles, CA. I'm trained, certified, and insured as a cryoskin technician, laser-lipo technician, ProCell therapies technician, and hyaluronic pen technician. I have been in business for five years, and I am very detail-oriented, and I like to work closely with my clients and follow results closely to ensure goals are met. I provide results, not promises. Moreover, I offer a couple of options for my clients if I feel I can't obtain results. I'm honest and will tell clients that I do not feel it's the right option for them. Every result varies and may take longer than others, and I am clear when explaining this to my clients.

In some situations, local cryotherapy treatment can be a better option than whole-body cryotherapy. The most common instances are:

-When a person cannot stand up, like with ankle sprains; for local treatments, a customer can comfortably sit or lay down.

-When a person has a heart or blood vessel condition, which prevents him or her from doing whole-body cryotherapy.

-When a person has a recent muscle sprain: shivering, which contracts the muscles during a whole-body cryotherapy session, can aggravate pain.

-When a person is afraid of doing whole-body cryotherapy.

-When affected areas are above the neck or on the feet because these areas are covered during whole-body cryotherapy.

Mobile Services: Results, Not Promises! Localized CryoTherapy for Recovery, Pain Relief, and BodySculpting. Plus Noninvasive Skin-Tightening with ProcellTherapies.... @cacryo